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Home >> Technical Articles >>Extrusion System for processing of the sensitive polymer Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
Extrusion System for processing of the sensitive polymer Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
Time: 2008-12-22
Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd. (KET), part of the Kolsite Group, has been dedicated to the category Polymer Sciences, Technology & Engineering. It has been conferred for the successful development of an Extrusion System for processing of the sensitive Polymer "Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)".
KET, India's leading manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Extrusion Machinery has manufactured Twin Screw CPVC Pipe Plant for the first time in India. Two such Plants have already been manufactured and successfully commissioned by KET, one of which is installed in Jordan.
KET's CPVC Pipe Plant has handled the complex processing of the very heat sensitive CPVC, which calls for special screw geometry to process for optimum shear, with remarkable success. It features a special Die Head and Dies, which offers least resistance and stagnancy to the flow path. As CPVC is highly viscous, a High Torque Gearbox and Drive has been provided. This Line processes CPVC Pipes as per the specifications of Noveon and other imported raw materials. Now processors need not import these machines, as KET's CPVC Pipe Plants are very cost effective and match International Quality Standards.

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