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Multi Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine
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Products Name: BFS SeriesMulti Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine
Products Infomation:
Multi Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine is one of the most advanced and adaptable blowing film lines for various applications, such as shopping bags, garbage bags, agricultural film, construction film and lamination film.
The workable materials that can be used are such as LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, and HDPE. The film production range is from 350mm to 2,100mm in tubular width, and the production output rate is from 50 kg/hr to 200 kg/hr.
The extruder is built with a screw length ratio of 28:1 and 30:1 with a grooved feed barrel in order to achieve the best plasticization, mixing result and high extrusion output rate.
The extruding die adopts the latest technology with spiral channel design to give smooth parison flow and allow pressure drop to avoid the die line.
The air ring gives an even air flow and maximum stability.
Heat insulation is provided in between the air ring and the die head to give a better control of air cooling.
A bubble cage, with height and diameter adjustable by motor, is also the device for LDPE/LLDPE film processing.
The take-up unit is designed and built with a heavy duty steel frame structure.
The oscillating haul off unit is available in a vertical or horizontal design, as per the customer's request.
A collapsing frame is also available with guiding bars.
The surface friction type design winder provides an-free operation from film winding to reel change.
The double station winder positioned as back to back, face to face, or up and down is an option when the open film is to be cut into single layers.
Specification :
Standard Parts:
Main drive with DC motor or AC vector inverter.
Gear box with SKF thrust bearing and oil cooler and oil pump.
Swing type screen changer.
Die carriage.
Stabilizer for HDPE processing.
Bubble cage with motor adjusting height and diameter for LDPE processing.
PLC control system for winder.
Winder with auto film cut and change over.
Winder with air shaft.
Screw rpm meter, line seed meter and auto counter.
Auto loader with magnetic separator.
Optional Device:
Melt pressure and thermo gauge.
Rotary die head for distributing the film gauge variation.
Air ring imported from North America to obtain much higher film quality by its stable and accurate air distribution.
Internal bubble cooling device (IBC) to increase the film output rate as well as better film quality.
Bubble cage of heavy duty type for better hold of film friction and higher heat transfer for better cooling.
Oscillating tower of vertical type or horizontal type to give better film gauge distribution.
Heat slitting sealer can be added on the take up frame to obtain multi film tubes in line for higher production.
Embossing roller units with separate drive can be added for HDPE film processing.
3 or 4 components of gravimetric dosing system.
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