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Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
· Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Products Name: PC/PMMA SeriesSheet Making Machine
Products Infomation:
PC/PMMA Sheet making machine is for roofing and decoration purposes. The sheet thickness of PC material is from 1.0mm to 6.0mm.

Specification :
Extruder: O125mm, O150mm, screw L/D=32:1
Main drive: 150kw, 225kw
Extrusion output: 220 ~ 300 kg/hr, 500 kg/hr
Lip width: 1,200mm or 2,000mm
Product width
1,000mm or 1,800mm for plain
680mm or 1,100mm for corrugated
Product thickness
1.0 ~ 6.0mm for plain
0.8 ~ 2.9mm for corrugated
Roller width: 1,300mm or 2,100mm
Roller diameter: 400mm or 500mm
Line speed: 0.6 ~ 6.0 M/min
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