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Products Name: SE-90-1350-SBPP Sheet Extrusion Line
Products Infomation:
This is a new version of FKIs steel belt type sheet extrusion line which has been well reputed for the high clarity PP sheet and intended for high glossy mirror surface and high accuracy of the sheet.

Features :
The sheet is pressed by the mirror polished roll (main roll) and mirror belt which is travelling along the roll surface to give high gloss and surface smoothness.
The roll to press the mirror belt to the main roll is covered with rubber , so flexibility is given to the press section.This has made it possible to transfer the mirror-polished surface to the thin gauge sheet of 0.2mm.
The sheet thickness is adjustable without adjusting the roll gap , but only the Take up speed is adjusted.
This shortens the time required by thickness adjustment.
The troublesome roll gap adjustment and sheet surface smoothness adjustment are no longer necessary.
Therefore the preparation time before operation start is shortened (about 10 - 15 min).
The mirror polished PP sheet by the mirror roll and mirror belt is quickly cooled in the water tank before completely solidified.
The clear PP sheet rapidly cooling bath is still soft. If stiffness is required, it will be recovered by reheating the sheet in an annealing equipment.
The press down roll (push roll) may be moved as desired during the sheet extrusion , so the pressing time may be adjusted according to the plastics material.
In addition to these advantages above, the newly developed equipment offers the following advantages.
As compared with the conventional steel belt type sheet extrusion line , the belt exchanging can be done with the less number of attendants and in a shorter time.
Compact design of the belt type sheet take - up unit.
Not to mention about the cost reduction in the manufacture of the equipment , the cost of belt , an expendable item , and other running costs , such as the belt exchanging cost and power consumption can be reduced.
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