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Extrusion System Lamination Machine
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Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
· Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Products Name: LA-MIG SeriesExtrusion System Lamination Machine
Products Infomation:
The Extrusion System Lamination Machines can be applied to BOPP, BOPET, CPP Nylon and Aluminum foil, or for craft paper, release paper, tissue paper, cardboard paper, woven fabric, etc. The workable coating materials that can be extruded are LDPE, PP PEVA, EVA and Surlyn, etc.
Specification :
Extruder: O100mm, L/D=32:1
Extrusion output: 280 kg/hr for PE
Working line speed: 180M/min.
Substrates width: 1,600mm
Max. winding diameter: 1,200mm
Standard Parts:
100mm extruder with 100HP DC motor or AC vector inverter.
Ceramic heater for barrel heating.
Gear box imported from Europe; with SKF thrust bearing.
Temperature controller of PID display with SSR output.
Melt pressure and thermo gauge, Dynisco brand.
Melt pressure adjustable adaptor.
Tube type manual system screen changer.
Aluminum heater for T-die.
Japan made EPC for unwinder.
Unwinder with direct drive system.
Pre-heating rollers before lamination unit.
In feed unit before the unwinder and lamination unitl Main cooling roller of 600mm - diameter.
Cooling rollers with fast changeover joint.
Air shafts for both unwinder and winder.
Bottom cutter for unwinder & winder.
Auto loader and hopper dryer.
Total PLC control system with 10" touch screen color monitor.
Optional device:
Hydraulic screen changer.
Top cutter for unwinder and winder.
Corona surface treater.
Water chiller.
Extra cooling roller of mirror finished or semi mat surface.
Extra silicon rubber roller.
Air conditioner for control panel.
Other special accessories.
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