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TSE series twin screw extruder
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Products Name: TSE series twin screw extruder
Products Infomation:
Parallel Co-rotating twin screw extruder
For its high mixing and excellent self-cleaning and flexibly modular design ,it can be used in plastic alloy blending process, fiber reinforcement modification, high incorporation of fillers, color master-batch process, cable compound process, special master-batch process etc compounding process.
Main character
Both screws and barrels were designed using the modular principle. The screw elements configuration, barrel setup, screw L/D, protocol of feeding and venting all can be changed easily in according to different material properties and process requirements.
To meet different process requirements and applications, high torque and high speed extruder had been designed and came to be used for the past decade. In order to achieve higher torque and screw channel volume for higher output, a spline shaft was used to slip into the screw elements closely.
To transport the high torque and precise phasic position, the newly designed torque distribution system, high-precision grinding of hardened gear teeth, high quality key bearings from Germany SKF GMBH can be founded in our gearbox.
To increase the equipment life, the higher surface hard steel material W6Mo5Cr4V2 were used to made the screw elements and the barrel bushing were made of the material a-101 and both materials surface hard can achieve to HRC60 after being heat-treated.
We provide simulating control panel, PLC and PCC electric control system.
Products Infomation:
TSE series twin screw extruder
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