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Single layer automatic winding membrane machine
Products Name: CL-55J CL-70JSingle layer automatic winding membrane machine
Products Infomation:
The design of the unit is based on the actual manufacturing experience and combine foreign technology. Our product is easy to operate; long service life, low electricity consumption, high quality. Our product can match with other machine all around the world. The machine is fit for the production of CPP, CPE, PP, PE, the CEVA membrane.
This unit consists of the advanced intelligent industry control system, hiding-like automatic cutter; the automatic manipulator trades the volume device, which can guarantee security and conveniently the operation. The output is more solid and smooth. We can guarantee the product quality, enhanced the production efficiency greatly, reduced the production cost, create a greater value.
The alloy screw adopts special mixing refining function and high plasticity design. The unit consists of import static state mixer to ensure good plasticity. The output is high quality and even.
The mould uses high quality import materials to build. The mould is using high accuracy processing craftsmanship to produce. The mould does not distort and leaves stable after long use.
The bi-directional loop design and helix runner inside cooling steel roller is adopted to ensure even temperature of roller surface.
The volume receiving device can move forward and backward. The unit fitted a high-level torque motor and a four axis automatic tensile control device which can control the strength and the width of the film.
This is our own patent,we must find it out if anyone imitates and counterfeits it!
Products Infomation:
Single layer automatic winding membrane machine
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