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Two/three PLC intelligence control winding membran
Products Name: CL-55/70B CL-55/90BTwo/three PLC intelligence control winding membran
Products Infomation:
This unit take LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) as the primary material, can match many kinds raw material in different trademark. It can produce through two groups of extruding machines one-sided sticks either two-sided sticks two or three stretch winding membrane. The product has the stronger impact resistance, anti-puncture ability and longitudinal strength, can be widely used in the large amount cargo in containerization and the tray packing.
This unit consisted of the advanced PLC intelligence industry control system. The main engine has the material supply measurement device and the transmission system which can guarantee the membrane to be stable and the plastic effect is better.
The unit fitted a high precise servomechanism in the volume receiving part, the manipulator and synthesis cutter, which can guarantee constant quality output, the product to be more solid and smooth.
The unit has the material online automatic recovery system, so it does not need to heat up the water, and therefore does not change the chemical composition of material and the plastic performance. Thus, the unit can have high output and low cost of wastage.
With import two-layer/tri-layer distributor, this unit could produce all kinds of multi-layer film with different property.
This unit consists of the advanced intelligent industry control system, hiding-like automatic cutter; the automatic manipulator trades the volume device, which can guarantee security and conveniently the operation. The output is more solid and smooth. We can guarantee the product quality, enhanced the production efficiency greatly, reduced the production cost, create a greater value.
The vacuum inspiration cover, attracts the air which smuggles, the dust and the particle and increases the melt membrane to be fixed, guaranteed between the melt membrane and the chilling rolls good heat conduction, causes the product pulling force to be better.
It is mounted thickness measurement gauge and on-line testing system to ensure even film.
The material may use the online recycling installment, reduces the production cost, the plastified effect is good, improves the product quality.
This is our own patent,we must find it out if anyone imitates and counterfeits it!
Products Infomation:
Two/three PLC intelligence control winding membran
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