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Wrapping Film Machine
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Products Name: Wrapping Film Machine
Products Infomation:
1.The line is used for the plastic wrapping film, it adopt twin-screw extrusion, the film can get the viscidity both sides, if adopt twin-screw extrusion and double layers compound die, and using different materials, the film can get the viscidity one side but also both sides. It is used for building materials, hardwares, the papermaking factories, the glass bottles factories, the express companies, package of tray and export, etc.
2.Screw and cylinder are both made adopt 38CrMoALA alloy steel, and are finished after nitriding and precise treatment.
3.The cooling system adopts circulate water cooling, it is good cooling effect, so the transparency of film is very nice.
4.Winding device adopts friction-type, and equipped with the margin cutting device and margin scrap collecting device, so the winding is more neat.
Products Infomation:
Wrapping Film Machine
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