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EPE Foam Sheet Production Line
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Products Name: EPE Foam Sheet Production Line
Products Infomation:
EPE foam sheet is popular soft packing material in the market at present and is widely used for packing household products, glassware, porcelain products, precise electronic devices, instrument, top-grade furniture, shoes and caps depending on soft texture and excellent anti-shocking performance. It can also be used as padding of box and case, anti-damp layer of wood floor, heat preservation layer of refrigeratory and soft padding for sports.
EPE foam sheet production line adopts advanced butane physical foaming technology with high foaming rate, energy-saving performance and high efficiency, as well as anti-explosion electric components, frequency speed control and intelligent digital meter with safe and stable running, easy operation, stable and reliable quality, various EPE foam sheets can be produced continuously. Foaming pipe, stick and net can also be manufactured if change relevant die.head and mould.
Products Infomation:
EPE Foam Sheet Production Line
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