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Foam Net Production Line
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Products Name: Foam Net Production Line
Products Infomation:
I Purpose
Foaming net production line fits for producing foaming net which can be used to pack fruit, vegetable, bud and bottles. We are professional manufacturer of fruit nets, this machine has been obtained the gold prize at 97 China Patent Technology and New Products Expo. Depending on many years experience and strong technical power, our company has developed necking device conforming to requirement of market, various necking nets can be produced. 0.4 TO 0.5 million apple nets can be produced per 24hours with only 6 to 8 degree electricity, 50% energy can be saved, output is 30% enhanced or above. In addition, foaming tablets, rod, sheet and pipe can be produced if relevant die head and assistant devices are equipped.
II Characteristics
Advanced butane physical foaming technique has high foaming rate, energy-saving performance and high efficiency Screw and canister are made of 38CrMnALA nitride steel, then service life of screw is enhanced
Far infrared ray energy-saving heater, intelligent digital automatic temperature controller has high efficiency and low consumption. Drive motor adopts frequency control with high speed controlling precision, wide range, low consumption and reliable running.
Products Infomation:
Foam Net Production Line
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EPE Foam Sheet Production Line

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