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EPS Foam Sheet Production Line
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Products Name: EPS Foam Sheet Production Line
Products Infomation:
I Purpose
Fit for producing EPS foam sheet (KT boards), treat polystyrene as raw materials, foaming agent is injected under high pressure, products are finished via extruding, foaming, cooling, sizing, cutting, drawing and winding with excellent anti-shocking ability, sound insulation, warm-preservation, anti-damp, high security and high plastic suction, widely used for packing fruit, fruit, electronic products, daily articles, hardware and toys.
II Characteristics
Adopt advanced dual in-series type foaming technology which has stable performance and easy operation.
Screw and canister are made of 38CrMoALA Nitride steel, then service life of screw is enhanced.
Adopt far infrared ray energy-saving heater, intelligent digital automatic temperature controller which has high efficiency and low consumption.
Drive motor adopts frequency control, high speed precision, wide range, low consumption and reliable running.
Products Infomation:
EPS Foam Sheet Production Line
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