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Plastic packing belt machine
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Products Name: Plastic packing belt machine
Products Infomation:
I Purpose
SDD series plastic packing machine is used for producing various specifications of hand packing belt or machine packing belt, widely used for packing in factory, mine, department stores, textile, appliance, instrument, architecture, medication and other industry.
II Feature
Users can choose different equipment type according to local market such as mainly common type, energy-saving type, two-belt type, sandwich type, etc.
SDD energy-saving packing machine adopts advanced microcomputer automatic control system, automatic temperature controlled system, automatic extension of cooling heating system, automatic meter winding system and far-infrared energy-saving heating system. It has convenient operation and stable operation. In addition, it saves 30% electricity than other common machine.
SJDD sandwich packing machine takes extrusion of waste plastic and 200% stone powder as packing belt core, takes extrusion of waste material, 50% stone powder and color as the skin, through the special designation of die-head coverage to form the sandwich packing belt. This kind of belt reduces production cost greatly with extremely substantial profit. Pull, intensity and pattern of product quality has reached the standard in disposable usage.
SSDD two-belt packing machine is based on the development of SDD energy-saving, with low energy consumption and high yield. It produces two belts at once, saves manual work and electricity enormously.
Products Infomation:
Plastic packing belt machine
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