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PP environmental grainy substrate film line
Products Name: PP environmental grainy substrate film line
Products Infomation:
Cast Film Line Series
Grainy substrate film is a new type of decorating material made of environmental macromolecule polymer (PP) and additives by cast technology. It can be made into multipurpose decorating materials after printing and laminating with timbers, plastic boards, aluminum plates, and iron plates and so on and widely used for furniture, home appliances, decorating materials on acoustics surface, home decorations and interior decorations of airplanes, steamships and trains. Furthermore, it can also be used for billboard etc. The realistic grainy can completely imitate grain of natural plants to reach the effect of high emulation. It can also laminate with rugged substrates to solve the problems difficult to be solved by common printing technology used for large curved surfaces. Grainy film decorative surfaces are beautiful and the decorations are easy, successful at one time, time and materials savable.
The products made by this line have the characteristics as follows:
1. High efficient plasticization and blending screw, customer can directly use high filling calcium carbonate powder and inorganic pigment powder so as to save the expensive raw material cost.
2. Fully-automatic thickness gauge and automatic T-die makes thickness tolerance of produce keep within 4%.
3. Advanced surface molding process, high efficient and even roller cooling effect and fully-automatic wind-up process guarantee smooth film surface, no scar and spot, smooth winding, consistent color, abrasive resistance, ignite resistance, aging resistance, fastness and so on.
Products Infomation:
PP environmental grainy substrate film line
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