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Ethyl Tetra fluoroethylene Copolymer Film Line
Products Name: Ethyl Tetra fluoroethylene Copolymer Film Line
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Cast Film Line Series
ETFE ( F-40 ) (full name: Ethyl tetra fluoroethylene copolymer) is a kind of fluoroplastic for melt process. It can be processed by extrusion and injection like thermoplastic. The ETFE film is transparent with thickness of usually less than 0.20mm. This film is used in film structure, usually for air cushion. The earliest ETFE project is more than 20 years old, known as British Eden. The main stadium-natatorium of Beijing Olympics 2008 uses this film as roofage. Water Cube is the largest film structure project in the world, its surrounding is adopted international advanced ETFE film material with environmental protection and energy saving. ETFE is used for not only building and agriculture, but also windproof glass film for automobile, anti-dirty internal and external packaging material, battery separator, bond container, conveying belt for food industry, solar receiver, circuit board for flexible printing, computer wire, medical packaging film and so on.
The ETFE film as curtain wall or roofage are new developed fields for recent years, has been applied widely to over 100 projects all over the world. The main stadium-natatorium of Beijing Olympics 2008 uses this film as roofage, and is made up of 3000 air bags, with areas up to 110,000m2, the total usage of ETFE is up to 200 tons. But up to now there is no company to process wider ETFE film with high quality. After Olympics, its usage will be increased in multiple, which will make thermoplastic industry go into middle and high-end market.
Characteristics of ETFE film:
1. It is a replacer with super quality in transparent building structure. Because of its unique self-cleaning surface, it is high anti-dirty and easy washing. Usually, the main dirt on it can be cleaned by rain water.
2. It is anti-aging, corrosion resistant and long life. Its normal usage life is between 25 years and 35 years.
3. It is light and high fireproofing, and can not drop when burning.
4. It has high light transmittance of more than 90%.
5. Environmental protection and recoverable: it can be completely reused to produce other ETFE products.
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