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EVA Solar Battery Encapsulation Film Line
Products Name: EVA Solar Battery Encapsulation Film Line
Products Infomation:
Cast Film Line Series
EVA hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive used with free from pollution, energy conservation and convenience. Hot melt adhesive film made from high polymer with suitable rheology and good film forming abiligy is particularly prosperous in industiral mass production. With its advantages of easy to use and high bonding speed, it is widely used for garments industry and automobile industry firstly. The hot melt adhesive film made from different high polymers now has been used for building and machinery etc. industries. The thickness of this film is 0.02-1.0mm, and its width can be made according to users requirements and machinerys design. The adhesive film should be small hot melt shrinkage and supplied by rolls. To adapt to the process requirements of large area bond, the film can be punched. Its base film is produced by extrusion cast film forming machine.
Advantages of EVA hot melt adhesive film:
1. High transparency and high adhesive force. Applicable to different types of interfaces, inclusive of glass, metal and plastics (such as PET).
2. Good endurance. High temperature, humidity and UV resistance.
3. Easy storage. Under room temperature, the EVA adhesive force can not be affected by humidity and water absorption.
4. Better sound insulation than PVB, especially high frequency sound.
5. Low melting point and easy flow. Applicable to laminated process of all types of glasses, such as patterned glass, tempered glass, bend glass and so on.

Main applications
1.EVA Adhesive Film For Solar Energy Battery
This adhesive film is used for packing solar energy battery. Under normal temperature, it is no viscosity and easy to operate. Through hot pressing, it can react hot crosslinked curing and bond enhancement to produce permanent bonding and sealing. It is a new thermosetting hot melt adhesive film. The solar energy batter packed with this film has been test for long term and used for outdoor application. This adhesive film is also applicable to pack small or micro solar energy battery components for lawn lamp and yard lamp etc., with environmetal protetion, long time UV resistance and nonbrowning.
2. EVA Adhesive Film for Laminated Glass
EVA is a kind of thermosetting adhesive film with viscosity, used for laminated glass (EVA is the abbreviation of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). The EVA film laminated glass is completely in comply with national standard on laminated glass.
We can design and manufacture it according to customers requirements.
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