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SPS700 double isk winder
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Products Name: SPS700 double isk winder
Products Infomation:
The machine is mainly used in winding-up and packing of aluminium-plastic compound pipe and other plastic soft pipes. It adopts automatically winding, adjusting winding speed and winding method. It has two disk for continuous winding. It adopts air-operated method. The wheel rib of the winding up wheel adopts air-operated opening and closing. It is equiped with a ray creel stand to automatically wind displaceent. It reaches winding up orderly.
Main Technical Standards:
1Winding Diamete:700mm
2Winding Speed:0.5-8m/min
3Winding Width:500mm
4Winded Pipe Specification:14-63mm
5Air Pressure:0.6MPa
6Appearance Size:4350?100?315mm
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