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Newly Developed Small 8 Shuttle Loom
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Products Name: Newly Developed Small 8 Shuttle Loom
Products Infomation:
Technical Features:
High output, Max.960ppm, working: 880ppm
Folded Dia. 800-1300mm
Compact structure & sturdy cam
Intelligent warp feeding, good for low tenacity yarn weaving
Advanced electric controlling system
Computerized Loom Monitoring System
Market Segments£º
Revolutionary substitute of traditional six-shuttle loom (folded diameter 800-1300mm), greatly increase the weaving efficiency for the production of bigger size sacks, tubing cement bags and tarpaulin.
Main Advantages£º
Comparing with normal 6-shuttle loom, the output of AL-8S will be increased by 40-60%, meanwhile, its process cost is lowered down somewhat.
This gives the chance to highly enhance the production efficiency and earn more profits.
Products Infomation:
Newly Developed Small 8 Shuttle Loom
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