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Coating Machine
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Products Name: Coating Machine
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Large width plastic extruding and film laminating unit SJ-FM is designed by ourselves which is with advanced technique in all performance. It has been refitted and optimized several times through many years¡¯test. The plastic extruding and super width laminating unit SJ-FM200-6200 that is initiate widest laminating unit in the world. The unit laminates polythere or polypropylene with plastic weaving cloth. The product is used widely as plastic tent, large width plastic sunshade cloth and packing bag , etc. The unit is equipped with advanced mechanical, electric device throughout the production line from substrate feeding, laminating to rewinding with high automatical degree .The extruder adopts auto temperature control pneumatic feeding, stepless speed adjusting with frequency changing and long life filter net . Dual position substrate feeding guide substrate with auto side deviation and self deviation correction device. The process is continual with half auto cloth splicing. Dual work position half automatically winding with friction is equipped with half auto winding , auto length counter, pneumatical cutting off , adjustable scrap cutting and collection device. All roll clutches are controlled electrically.
The unit is new and reasonable in construction , beautiful appearance, easy operation, easy maintenance, advanced technology, low energy, high result ,uniform film ,even rewinding and high peel resistance
Products Infomation:
Coating Machine
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Coating Machine
Coating Machine
Coating Machine

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