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Changzhou Yongming Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
· Changzhou Yongming Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
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By continuous lucubration to the lamination and coating technologies, YONGMING has already established our own competitive developing and manufacturing abilities. Nowadys we have different structures and different optional devices to enable multipurpose production. We have hung type single extruder, single extruder with double T-Die, and hung type double extruders for main extrusion part, we have corona treater, static mixer, U-Turn Device, Pre-Heating Device, Water Squeezing Device, Drying Oven and Dozing Units for the subsidiary production needs. According to the production demands, we can optimize the equipments compononents to satisfy the following:
1. Single side or Double Sides Coating for PP Woven Sack, FIBC (Jumbo Bag);
2. Single side or Double Sides Lamination for PP Woven Sack with BOPP Film or Kraft Paper;
3. Coating for Tarpaulin (Circular Weaving, Air Jet Weaving and Flat Weaving Cloth);
4.Fiberglass, Kraft paper
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SJFM series plastic extruding coating machine

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