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DRY Laminating Machine
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Products Name: WDLDRY Laminating Machine
Products Infomation:

In order to apply to various materials and multiple methods in flexible packing markets, WORLDLY develops drying laminating machineries which have strong and multiple functions. The drying temperature of this machinery is adjusted by PID automatic temperature controller that balances the required temperature. The guide roller for drying box uses belt to synchronous work with speed to prevent the materials from wearing. In addition, the design of the Dispenser roller helps balance the glue while coating to prevent appearance of bubbles. Such a careful design which increases production and minimize loss is the essential machinery for flexible packing.

Unwind unit :
(1) Twin-reel rotating non-stop type unwinder (optional disc type).
(2) Drive motor control by AC vector driver.
(3) Automatic non-stop splicing. Precise splice device achieves low wastage and keep efficiency procreation.
(4) Edge position control with infrared or ultrasonic sensor detector and servo motor

Rewind unit :
(1) Twin-reel rotating non-stop type rewinder(optional disc type).
(2) Drive motor control by AC vector driver.
(3) Automatic non-stop splicing.Precise splice device achieves low wastage and keep efficiency procreation.
(4) Lay-on roller device with pneumatic pressure and regulator for control on the rewind reel enable keep rewinding the material smooth without sliding.

Splicing device :
Arm type splicing devise is made up by zigzag blade, pressure roller and auto orientating detector. It can operate simultaneously upper and down oriented splicing, moreover to minimize loss within 3 meter.

Doctor blade :
Doctor blade holder mechanism has double axles with four liners for bearing to fix it. It has the advantages of strong construction and outstanding sensitivity. In addition flexible doctor blade is adjustable for up/down, forward/rearward, and blade angle can adjust slightly to assure the pressure of down moving. Thus, it can have longer service life of gravure cylinder and prevents surface scratching.

laminating unit :
(1) gravure type coating unit
(2) Dispenser roll for diffusion glue with excellent laminating performance without appearance of air bubbles.

Dry-Laminating unit :
(1) Dry laminator with thermo oil circulation in laminating steel roller to ensure even temperature so that it can achieve high productivity and solid laminating.
(2) protection cover design for prevent nip accident.

Drying chamber :
All rolls inside dryer tunnel are synchronized driven with power transmission belt and temperature control by PID automatic controller

Integrated control system :
Integrated control panel including human-machine interface touch screen. PLC Centralized control system, all machine function and parameter can monitoring and control on user friendly production management.


Maximum Machine Speed 200 m/min
Laminating Speed
(Must depend on coating relevant condition, such as material and coating thickness)
180 m/min
Laminating Width 800 / 1,000 / 1,200 mm
Maximum Material Diameter Ø 600mm / Ø 800mm / Ø 1000mm

* All specifications and drawing are for reference.The model depend on actual product.

Application:PET, CPP, PVC,OPP, PP, PE, Nylon, Aluminum Foil, Paper

Features and Construction:
1. Laminating width can be used on different materials
2. High performance synchronized control system by PLC, provides convenient operation.
3. Reversible smoothing roller prevents air bubbles during lamination.
4. 4-zone drying: high drying performance and non-volatility remain.
5. Drying system options: thermal oil, gas burner and electric heating.

Products Infomation:
DRY Laminating Machine
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