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Extrusion Production- Flat Yarn Extrusion Line
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Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
· Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Products Name: HY7/SP-80HE/H,90HE/H,100HE/HExtrusion Production- Flat Yarn Extrusion Line
Products Infomation:
The extrusion machine is designed for producing PP/HDPE flat yarn. Maximum PP melting output. Capacity is 150 ~ 400 kg/h and the unit is equipped with a screen filter changer and rotary blade slitting system. The machine has less down time and prevents production loss. The pressure rollers of the take-off unit are pneumatically controlled, and have synchronized control electronic system. European gearbox, static mixer, screen filter changer, inverter, electrical part, etc... and human machinery interface & tape fibrillator device are available to meet special requirements.
The screw and barrel are manufatured from SCM-1 alloy steel, nitrogen treated and precision ground.
Gears inside the gearbox are precision ground for noise-free running.Equipped with a water cooling system for cooling the oil of the gearbox.
Built with auto loader and patent design material force feeding unit.
Choice of AC or DC Motor drive.
Low energy consumption.
constructed with 4 rows of slitting blades.
The slitting width is adjustable
Full pneumatic operation for convenience.
Fitted with edge tirm auto - recycle unit.
Two stages hot air circulation system ensures raffia tape proper stretched.
Air flow volume is adjustable.
Exclusive 2 independent driving motors provides raffia tape with superior quality.
Static electricity elimination provided.
Waste yarn collection box for reclaiming is provided.
Touchscreen interface
Air conditioning unit for electrical cabinet.
Static mixer unit.
Dosing system
Tape fibrillation device
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