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Tape stretching line
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Products Name: Tape stretching line
Products Infomation:
The screw & barrel made of 38CrMoAlA and treated by nitriding guarantee long lifetime. The special design of screw keeps the reduced degradation and improved pressure constancy.
Different extruders (65/30D, 90/33D, 100/30D, 120/30D) can be combined with different down stream equipment for optimum investment and out-put capacity according to customers needs.
Automatic filter
Pressure and/or time controlled screen belt movement. 10 meters of screen belt ensure long continuous operation.
Flex-lip die, working width from 700mm to 1500mm, can form uniform and thinner film.
Central Unit
Including quench tank made of stainless steel, film take-off, water removal system, slitting unit with manual cutting depth adjustment, holding unit and edge trim mill.
Hot air oven
Hot air oven with 4 m length to obtain optimum heat treatment of tape during stretching process on high-speed tape lines.
Stretching and Annealing Unit
This unit includes 7 godets chromium-plated (2pcs water-cooled) and 2 rubber-coated nip-roll. There are two drive motors for individual adjustment of stretching and annealing ratio.
Winding Unit
With electrical-magnetic tension control system, simple design and easy maintenance, the cam rod and transmission gear made of polyformaldehyde can be self-lubrication and long lift-time.
Electrical Control unit
The driving controlling system includes 2 pc DC drive controller & 3 pc AC inverter coming from Europe. The operation control system includes PLC from Japan, temperature controllers from Japan, synchronizing system, voltage protection system and so on. Adoption of best components from the world make electrical system reliable and high-performance.
Products Infomation:
Tape stretching line
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