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PP blow machine
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Products Name: PP blow machine
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This is a biaxial oriented blown film line made by JM on the basis of absorbing the advanced technology from other countries. The line is equipped with three-layer co-extrusion conical stackable die head, advanced internal cooling system, infrared radiant heaters, power adjustment for temperature controlling of modular, infrared temperature measure system, tension control system and two-station automatic gap/surface/central rotating winder and so on. The line is made to produce POF shrinking film with PP/PE /PP structure. The produced films have many excellent properties, such as high transparency, low temperature resistance, twisting resistance high shrinking rate and so on. Changing the recipe of raw materials and adopting different technological processing can control the shrinking rate of film from different directions. They are widely used as heat-shrinkable packaging for food, beverage, medicine, cosmetic, artware, stationary, magazine, phonotype and videotape, electric components, machine and toy etc. Meanwhile they are heat-shrinkable packing material for environment protection.
Products Infomation:
PP blow machine
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