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LLDPE Blow Film Machine
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Cheer Young Machinery Work Co., Ltd.
· Cheer Young Machinery Work Co., Ltd.
Products Name: LLDPE-FTE SeriesLLDPE Blow Film Machine
Products Infomation:

•Can produce LDPE, LLDPE and shrinkable film
•Slitting device and double winder (up-and-down & back-to-back type) is offered to produce single layer film rolls.
•Optional Rotating die device is making uniform thickness film for printing & laminating purpose
•Optional Co-speed controller matches same speed for take-up unit and winder to avoid film to be stretched
•Purchasing HDPE die can produce HDPE film
•Purchasing fully automatic winder makes machine automatically &save time of operators.
•We didnt show all our models, please dont hesitate to contact us for bigger extruders.
Products Infomation:
LLDPE Blow Film Machine
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