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Plastic Blowing Film Machines (16)
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Products Name: Co-Extrusion-5 LayerBlown Film Machines
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Sun Centre offers 5 Layer lines for producing barrier films with a combination of the following materials: LDPE / LLDPE / MLLDPE / HDPE / PA / EVOH / TI. These lines all features IBC, oversized chillers and increased tower height to ensure adequate cooling of the bubble. The machines come in width range from 1300mm 2000mm. Dosing systems with gauge profile control are recommended for these lines. The 5 layer machines come standard with AC vector motors with inverter drives for the entire machine, PLC system with centralized touch screen operator interface, closed loop tension control system, fully motorized bubble cage, horizontal 360 degrees oscillating tower, web guide device and fully automatic sheeting winder. The machine is also available with CE/UL approved package for electronics and motors.
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