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twin-screw extruder
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Products Name: SHJ-92Ctwin-screw extruder
Products Infomation:
SHJ Series Extruder consisted of drive part and processing part.
Drive part includes the reduction unit and motor.AC motor or DC motor is available.
Processing part consisted of barrel,screw parts and two pieces of co-rotating screw shaft.There are closing barrel,feeding barrel,venting barrel.Solid and liquid material can be fed by feeding hopper or liquid injector.The screw parts array can be adjusted according processing technology,it can perform transmitting, plastizing, compounding,shearing,venting,and dehumidifying.Granula,powder,liquid can be fed by main feeder,side feeder,or liquid injecting unit.Multipath Loss-in-weight feeding system is also available.
Products Infomation:
twin-screw extruder
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