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Single screw extruder rubber sheet production lines
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Products Name: SJ-100 SJ-65Single screw extruder rubber sheet production lines
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SJ30/25,45/25,65/25,90/25 series single extruders,mainly used for extruding PVC,PP,PE,PP-R,ABS etc thermo-plastic material.It can be equipped with relevant auxiliary machine(consist of die-head) for producing various plastic product,such as film,pipe,sheet,panel,strap,as well as pellet
It features advanced design,high output,low cost and noise,smooth running,high bearing capacity and long life working.The structure of barrel and screw are specifically provided according to processing material and technolog
Rubber sheet production lines,for producing the rubber to sheet by single screw extruder.It also could stick paper film,aliminum film and stainless steel belt on the surface of sheet.The production lines could extrude two kinds of rubber by complex,and cut the sheet by measuring distance.The production lines widely use for producing spare parts of cars.
Products Infomation:
Single screw extruder rubber sheet production lines
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