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JWL Co-rotation Parallel twin-Screw Extruion Granular Machine
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Products Name: JWL Co-rotation Parallel twin-Screw Extruion Granular Machine
Products Infomation:
The screw of this co-rotation twin-screw extruder is multi-section. The raw material will gain the best compounding effect after being extruded by the screws and barrel through high speed and high torque method. The machine is equipped wih force feeding system which can add glass fiber, additives and other materials. This machine is most suitable for manufacturing the engineering plastic, glass fiber, high density master batch and so on products.
The applications of the co-rotation parallel twin-screw extruder are as following:
Extrusion and pelletizing the synthetic resins, additives, pigments, fire-proof agent.
Manufacturing all kinds of plastic, plastic & elastic alloy.
Evenly compounding of different sticky materials
Concentrated polymerization solvent and recycled solvent
Melting, evenly plasticizing and pelletizing the low denisty, small size and small inner friction materials.
Reaction extrusion, such as the polymerization reaction and shrinking polymerization reaction
MI coversion
Re-granulate the milled products, plate and waste chemical fiber.
Extrusion of heat & solid resin and heat sensitive materials.
Products Infomation:
JWL Co-rotation Parallel twin-Screw Extruion Granular Machine
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