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PP strap band production line
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Products Name: PP strap band production line
Products Infomation:
SDD series plastic strap band line has common style, energy saving style, double-strip style, and with fillings style, etc. Users can select according to the local market differences.
This line is used to produce mechanical or manual bands with 100% PP recycled granules as materials, if raw materials, it will be better. This kind of band is widely used in the packing of kinds of fields such as mines, general merchandise, weaving, electrical equipment, apparatus, architecture, medicine, etc.
I.SDD energy-saving strap band extrusion line is more convenient in operation and more stable in running by adopting PLC automatic controlling system, automatic temperature controlling system, automatic cooling, heating and extending system and automatic metering, winding system, and distant infrared energy-saving heating system. It can save electricity over 30% than the normal models.
II. SJDD strap bands with fillings production line use special waste material adding 200% stone powder as the inner core, use waste material adding 50% stone powder with color as the scarfskin , then after covered by specially-designed die head ,strap bands with filling are formed. This kind of strap band can reduce the production cost greatly, and at the same time increase the profit.
III.SSDD double- strap band production line is developed on the basis of SDD energy-saving model. It is featured with low energy consumption. Two straps one time, by which it saves manpower and electricity greatly.
Products Infomation:
PP strap band production line
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