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Two Stage Extruders
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Products Name: Two Stage Extruders
Products Infomation:
The first stage is twin screw extruder without die. Through the special design and assemblage of barrel and screw,the extruder has the advantage of good plastic, strong compounding, and perfect distributing to the processing materials,such as PVC (sensitive to temperature) and so on.
The second stage is single screw extruder. With small L/D, this extruder will complete plastic,compounding and extruding in a low cutting state,avoiding overheat decomposition.
According to different materials, the two stages may both be twin screw extruders or both single screw extruders.

Application Fields
PVC, PVC cable, zero halogen cable, wood plastic, EVA, silane crosslink cable, peroxide crosslink cable,high filling carbon soot masterbatch and rubber extrusion degassing, etc.

Products Infomation:
Two Stage Extruders
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