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Dry-type Laminating Machine
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Chuangwei packing machinery
· Chuangwei packing machinery
Products Name: GFHDry-type Laminating Machine
Products Infomation:
  This machine is suitable for laminating pla stic-plastic,Paper-plastic,Paper-paper and aluminum foils and other laminated materials in the packing industry.

Performance and Characteristics:
1, The glue coating and laminating motor adopts imported double variable frequen cysyn chronous speed regulating to change the past shatt driving strructure.
2,Smooth mate rial fee ding and synchronous linear speed ensure stretching of the base material.
3,The bridg e-type three-segment drying tunnel heating increa ses temperature and the drying system makes laminating speed even higher.
4,Gluing and laminating adopt pneumatic pressing rollers and impotred pneumatic components.
5,The two kinds of doctor blade type and pressing-type gluing ways can be chosen at will according to different processes.
6,Unwinding and Rewinding adopts powertension control.
7,The silver lock temperature control system can controltemperature at the best state.
8,First unwinding adopt auto matic EPC system.
9,Second unwinding adopt double turret.

Products Infomation:
Dry-type Laminating Machine
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