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Vertical Automatic Slitting & Rewinding Machine
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Products Name: LFQVertical Automatic Slitting & Rewinding Machine
Products Infomation:
  The machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding such various r roll materials, BOPP,PET,CPP,CPE,PVC,aluminum foil and paper,etc.and can cut edge,separate and cut material according to different requirements during production.

Performance and Characteristics:
1,This machine is a kind of vertical slitting and rewinding madhine.
2,Independent master control panel,more flexible and even easier operation.
3,Automatic EPC for unwinding,photocell is suitable for tracking the edge and color of transparent material.
4,Equipped with magnetic powder brake for unwinding tension control.
5,Magnetic dutch control for rewinding tension control.
6,It can be equipped with rimcharge conveying or rewinding device(which can be selected on order)
7,Automatic meter counting device.

Products Infomation:
Vertical Automatic Slitting & Rewinding Machine
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