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ZhangJiaGang Lianguan Recycling Science Technology Co., Ltd
· ZhangJiaGang Lianguan Recycling Science Technology Co., Ltd
Products Name: BDW machine
Products Infomation:
BDW Machine-Initial in Domestic
This machine embodies generation of Lianguan persons unremitting efforts to develop the initial domestic BDW Machine which is realized the upgrade and breakthrough in the domestic waste plastic recycling washing equipment filed.
In order to avoid the secondary pollution to the water and environments made by the traditional waste plastic recycling washing machines, our company focuses on the diversity and specialty of waste plastics, make research on the abroad advanced enterprise, combined the theory and possiblity, pay sepecial attentation to the economic efficiency, and finally develop the BDW Machine, which will make great efforts to the human beings living environment. This type of machine has already got the national patent with intellectual property protection.
At present, our company can supply the machine capability: 200kg/h,500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1000kg/h . and we will continue to make the machineserialization . We will combine the customers requirements and actural usage effectives to improve the performance of the machine, and achieve the substitute for washing equipment.
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