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XG Series Automatic Pipe Making Machine
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Products Name: XG Series Automatic Pipe Making Machine
Products Infomation:
Model XGI-50 XGII-50 XGIII-50
Diameter of Screw mm 50 50/20 50/20/20
Ratio of Length and Diameter of Screw   25:1 25:1/22:1 25:1/22:1/22:1
Main Machine Power kw 5.5 5.5+0.75 5.5+0.752
Production Efficiency kg/h 25~30 25~35 25~35
Product Length mm =10 =10 =10
Outer Diameter of Product mm 2~13 2~13 2~13
Suitable Material   PP ? PE etc. PP ? PE etc. PP ? PE etc.
Size of Shape(LWH) m 121.21.6 121.21.6 121.21.6
Weight of the Whole Machine kg about1500 about1800 about 2000

XG Series Automatic Pipe Making Machine, which our company produces, mainly uses in producing PP, PE soft drink absorbing pipe, medical cotton stick, ball pen core, pipes in all kinds of toys and conduit of etc.homochromy or polychrome small diameter, etc. The pipe produced by this machine is widely used in foodstuff, stationary, medical treatment, toys and irrigation. This machine is composed by Extrusion machine, Cooling set, Draught set, Circumgyrate cutting set and Receiving hopper.
II. Main Features of This Machine
1. The screw of the extrusion machine is high precise. It has the advantage of material coming out equally, velocity of flow consistently and excellent plasticizing effect. The canister of the screw employs quality steel with nitrogen treatment, which will guarantee the precision and hardness of the processing.
2. The very long stainless steel cooling flume will make sure that the product will be more ideal and more fit the sanitation standard.
3. Four robber rollers draught and circumgyrate cutting is stepless speed adjustment. The speed is equally and the precision is highly controlled.
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