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HQYZ Series Puncher Machine
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Products Name: HQYZ Series Puncher Machine
Products Infomation:

HQYZ Series Puncher Machine adopts dive technology with changes hydraulics into supercharge.The workding stroke is controlled by pneumatic.when the cutter touches the products,the pressure supercharged to ctu,then the mould plate returmed. the stacking and cutting station is cycled to work.

HQYZ series machine have lower consumption,lower voice,accurate fixed position,long-life mould and easy operation etc.It is suitable to press punch,bending,forgingthe plastic products in the package,light industry, electronics and hardware fields.

Main technical parameters

1?Model:100mm 2?General stroke:5mm
3?Working stroke:1:72 4?Air consumption: 1.5m/?
5?Mould size maximum: 7001300mm 6?Air pressure:0.6-1.0 Mpa
7?Power:220V 50Hz 8?Speed forec:1752-2920Kgf
9?Returning force: 4500-7540Kgf 10?Punch force: 128-220T
11?Weight: 6000Kg
13?Dimension: 342015002100(mm)
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HQYZ Series Puncher Machine

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