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Single-Screw Double Die Film Blowing machne Set
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Products Name: SJ-60(70)Single-Screw Double Die Film Blowing machne Set
Products Infomation:
Performance and Characteristics:
It is used for blowing various plastic film of low density polyethylene(LDPE),high density polyene(HDPE)and linear low density polyethylene(LLDPE)etc.,Which Is widely used for packing Foodstuff,garment,textile,daily-use articles and industrial products etc.
1.Themachine adopts single screw to extrude the material,two die heads to blow the film.
2.The screw stem and cylinder are made of 38CRMOALA high quality alloy steel after fine finshing and nitrided treatment,whichhas high hardness,strong resistance to corrosion,durable service.
3.The die head is plated with hard chrome,of screw mandrel type structure with even and smooth discharging,the blown plastic film has fine finshing;The blower is of labyrinth stucture with even air output.
4.The coiling unit adopts pressure friction rewinding or center rewinding,which is driven by torque motor,with even and smooth rewinding ande asy roll changing.
Main Teachnical Variables:
Model SJ-60 SJ-70
Diameter of screw f60 f70
Reduced diameter of film(mm) 200-500 200-600
Single-face Thickness of felm(mm) 0.005-0.05 0.005-0.05
Rational Speed of Screw Stem(rpm) 10-120 10-120
L/D 28:1 28:1
Main Motor Power(kw) 18.5 22
Hain Motor Power(kw) 23 25
Output(kg/h) 40-50 40-60
Outline diameter(LWH)(mm) 620030003200 650032003300
Weight(T) 2.3 2.5
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