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Computer Heat-Sealing & Heat-Cutting Bag-Making Machine
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Products Name: DFR-500/600Computer Heat-Sealing & Heat-Cutting Bag-Making Machine
Products Infomation:
Performance and Characteristics:
This machine is suitable for making barrel-type plastiv vest bags ofnatural colour and colour-printed bound plastic vest bags.It adopts advanced photoelectric eyes tracking which makes the printingpattern position be accurate without error,the sealing synchronize with theheat-cutting without any puling force and the sealed bottom be firm andbeautiful.Equipped with variable frequency speed regulating motor,it has many automatic protection functions such as energy-saving,overload,overvoltage and overcurrent current,etc.And equipped with automaticcounting device,it can arbitrarily set the binding quantity and can automaticallydischarge and reset after the bags are piled to the set quantity.
Main Teachnical Variables:
Model GFR-500 GFR-700
Max.Width of bag-making(mm) 500 700
Max.Length of bag making(mm) 1000 1000
Speed of bag-making(pc/min) 40-120 40-120
Power of motor(kw) 0.75 1.1
Power of electric-thermal(kw) 1.6 1.6
Weight(kg) 800 900
Outline dimension(LWH) mm 260011501500 260013501350
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