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Steel Coil Coating Line
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Products Name: Steel Coil Coating Line
Products Infomation:
JET Technical Parameter:
Type Of The Product: JETX1250/30-60 SteelCoil Coating Line
Producion Capacity: 50000-100000ton/year
Production Speed: 30-60m/min
Energy Sources: Electricity, Diesel Oil or LPG
Raw Material: Galvanized Steel Coils
Coil Thickness: 0.2-0.8mm
Coil Width: 600-1250mm
Coil Outer Diameter: 900-1500mm
Coil inner Diameter: 505-610mm
Coil Weight: 5000-16000kg
Coating Thickness( can adjust ) Top Coat: 10-15um
Prime Coat: 5-8um
Back Coat: 5-10um

JETX1250/30-60 Steel Coil Coating Line is used for producting the colorized plate which uses the zincification plate as the material and deals with degrease and phosphorus dispose on the surface. then coat the organic dope and firing colorized steel plate as a sort of composite material has the merits for both steel plate and organic material , it has the intension of steel plate , and it is easy to moid , also has good decorative performance and resists cauterization performance. this sort of plate broad is used to make into monolayer press layer color spread steel plate roofing or metope, composite board decorative board and some part of wiring board. The final product of JETX1250/30-60 Steel Coil Coating Line has the merits as good decorative performance , the color looks natural , easy to mold, it is able to endure environment, It can also resist the strong ultraviolet and keep the color of the board for a long time .The life of the color steel board is about 25 years , it will have a bright future .
Products Infomation:
Steel Coil Coating Line
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