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JET Single Screw Extruder
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Products Name: JET Single Screw Extruder
Products Infomation:
Main Technical Parameter:
EQUIPMENT MODEL L / D Drive Power Output Center Height
JET-F30 20-35/1 7.5kw 20-30kg 1000mm
JET-F45 20-35/1 15kw 30-50kg 1000mm
JET-F60 20-35/1 37kw 50-70kg 1000mm
JET-F70 20-35/1 45kw 60-90 1000mm
JET-F90 20-35/1 55kw 100-180 1000mm
JET-F100 20-35/1 90kw 150-300 1000mm
JET-F120 20-35/1 185kw 350-500kg 1000mm
JET-F130 20-35/1 220kw 450-650kg 1000mm
JET-F150 20-35/1 250kw 500-700kg 1000mm
JET-F170 20-35/1 280kw 600-800kg 1000mm
JET-F180 20-35/1 315kw 700-900kg 1000mm
JET-F200 20-35/1 400kw 1000-1500kg 1000mm

With the relevant equipments can process many kinds of plastic product such as board,patch,film,duct,stick,thread,strip,cable coat and plastic granule.
This Extruder has many characteristics such as advanced design,good exterior,high output ,low in power wastage,use the unite axletree equipment drive,low noise,work reposefully,good carrying capacity and long using life.
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Double Screw Extruder

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