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Double Screw Extruder
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Products Name: Double Screw Extruder
Products Infomation:
Main Technical Parameter:
Diameter Of screws(mm) 45/100 55/110 65/120 65/132 80/156
Quantity Of screws
2 2 2 2
Direction of screws
Turing outwards with different direction
Speed of screws(r/min) 1-30 1-40 1-34.7 1-36.9
Effective length of screws(mm)

985 1195 1430 1800
main motor(kw) 12 18 24 36
Centre height of machine (kg/h) 95 150 250 350
Centre height of machine (mm) 1000
Net weight (kg) 3000 4200 5000 6500
Appearance size (L*W*H mm) 3500X1020X2410 3620X1020X2157 4235X1520X2450 4750X1550X2460

Performance & Configuration:

JET Taper Double Screw Extruder and the relevant equipments can process the PVC powder material and extrude any form such as board,patch,film,duct,stick and any anomalistic material .It can also change the plastic into granule. Our equipment use the DC or AC electromotor, through the AC frequency conversion and DC timing equipment adjust.It has the system can give an alarm when there is over loading and malfunction,and also include a coercive vacuumize equipment and a quantificational feeder equipment.
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JET Single Screw Extruder

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