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Parallel twin-screw extruder
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Products Name: Parallel twin-screw extruder
Products Infomation:
TSK Parallel Twin-screw Extruder is a kind of high- efficiency mixing, smelling, extruding equipment. Its core section is composed of parallel type cylinder and two screw which mesh each other. It also has drive system, control system, feeding system, and to form a kind of special extruding, granulating and sharping processing equipment. The screw stem and cylinder adopt building type design principle to change the length of the barrel, choose different screw stem parts to assemble the screw according to material characteristics to get the best work condition and the most effective method to get the max fuction. Because it has good mixing, separating, dewatering and self-cleaning fuction to avoid the material wrapping the axle, caking in the extruding process. With the rotation of the screw stem, the surface of the materials continuously changem. It helps the volatile matter dewater, treat, dissolve at a high speed and extrude the product
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