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Soft Aciccular Anti Static Device
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Products Name: UT-AABSoft Aciccular Anti Static Device
Products Infomation:
The anti static effectiveness of the design of high voltage ion wire collocating with carbon fiber soft needle is over 90% suitable for unwind and rewind section, reducing the mighty static cause from high speed running, improving the producing quality and safety of operator and the effective range between item could be 500mm, compare with the acicular type anti static bar and anti static brush, the installation are more flexible. With lower output voltage not only for safety but also reducing the damage of static bar caused by over high voltage. Soft acicular anti static bar
Standard length: 1,000mm.
High voltage iron generator
Output 5kv.
L 47cm x W 33cm x H 36cm.
GW: 14kgs.
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