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HFQ? series high-speed film slitting machine
Products Name: HFQ? series high-speed film slitting machine
Products Infomation:
Application of product:
This machine is suitable for the slitting of plastic film such as BOPP, BOPA, BOPET, CPP, CPP/AL, PET/AL,BOPS, PE and so on and all kinds of complex film and metal film. It is characterized by easy operation and high operation frequency. It is comparable in its overall performance to the famous brands abroad with a high ration of performance to price.
Instruction of product:
HFQ? series high-speed film slitting machine has a simple and reasonable structure and a pretty appearance. Its foundation and sideboard are made of grey iron that is solid and endurable. By adopting up and down double-air puffing axis same direction central rolling method, the unrolling, rolling and the operation of knife-axis and pressing-stick are all air-controlled with a simple and quick operation. It is driven by single engine with frequency variation and timing belt to have a smooth and dependable operation and little noise. The rolling is done by tension-controled magnetic powder clutch while unrolling by magnetic powder break with a high tension-control precision,quick response and wide adjustable range.It adopts the advanced simulated electric-eye photoelectric automatic error correction system. It is equipped with static electricity removing equipment, edge-blowing equipment and unrolling automatic meter counting with every function equipped based on requirement from the customer.
Quality Insurance:
A) Common difference of slit width within 1mm
B) Rolling film ellipse degree (paper core error excluded) within 2% without wrinkles
C) Maximum difference of edge within 2mm
D) Maximum Shore hardness difference within 902 degrees
E) No chrysanthemum-like folding wrinkles on the surface of rolling film after slitting
Products Infomation:
HFQ? series high-speed film slitting machine
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