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PET Bottle Washing Line
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Zhangjiagang City Lianying Regenerated Source And Technology Development Co., Ltd.
· Zhangjiagang City Lianying Regenerated Source And Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Products Name: 500-1000kg/hPET Bottle Washing Line
Products Infomation:
Waste Plastic Crushing,Washing,Dry Equipment
With the increasing of plastic products,the problem of waste plastics recycling regenerative pelletizing and staining has become increasingly prominent, due to Waste Plastics are dirty ,so after crushing,drying and washing are big workload, our company according to market demand,developed waste plastic crushing washing and drying automatic.It Mainly compose with crusher, hot water washing tank, separation sedimentation tanks, centrifugal dryer, secondary crusher, drier, storage hopper and so on. It applied for kinds of general-purpose plastics recycling, such as PET bottles, PP bottles and so on plastic can be automatically crushing, washing, drying and storage.

PET Bottle (mineral water bottle/Coke bottle)Recycling & Washing Line
1?Application and Significance
PET bottle crushing and washing machine which is we digestion and absorption foreign advanced technology and R & D design and manufacture cleaning equipment, it is divided into unpacked, Washing, sorting, remove metal, crushing , floating washing, hot washing, friction, rinsing, dehydrate,drying,packaging, and so on processing section, the equipment can produce high quality PET flakes,it can used to produce renewablePET polyester products and other PET related products, it drastically change the past renewable PET bottle chips can not be done Polyester long Fiber history. The production line have reasonable design, high- mechanization, less investment, easy maintenance, has been sold at home and abroad customers.
2?The working principle and characteristics
1>?it can automatically open bale, at the same time, through continuous Washing can cleanout sand and impurities, but also remove PE labels, paper labels and some PVC labels,the detergent circulate of Washing Technology is easier, higher utilization.
2>?sorting platform can remove heterogeneity bottles,other color bottles,labels,metal, garbage and so on,ensure the PET bottles into the next section;
3>?the crusher designed for the PET bottles crushing with a smooth feed, stability output, low power consumption, low noise,strong structure, low maintenance costs, long service life and so on. simultaneity, wet crush, in addition to use the water impact to strengthen the PET cleansing effect , the water cooling can reduced friction heat, reduce PET scrap and extend blades life;
4>?Floating wash, hot wash, friction, and rinsing which let the PET flakes final purification, mainly depend on three washing forces: mechanical, chemical and heat remove the trade marks, bottle cover, glue, syrup and other impurities, etc.;
5>?Dehydrate and finished packing section, mainly dehydrate and package flakes.
3?The main performance
1> power: 320KW;
2> output: 1500KG/H;
3>the moisture rate: <1.5%;
4>product quality:ultra-white renewable pure flakes,can used to produce long fibre.

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