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Flexographic Print Machine
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Products Name: Flexographic Print Machine
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This machine is suitable to printing of rolling paper. Packing paper glass paper, P.P., P.E. and Polystyrene bags.
  Robust construction minimizes space occupied and enhances productivity.
  Using hydraulic system to set the printing plates, it is easy and accurate. There will be no defects when starting and stopping the machine.
  The built-in impression counter can be presented and stops the machine automatically when the desired quality of prints is acquired, and starts again on reset.
  The throw-off or on action of printing cylinder is hydraulically operated. The interlocking mechanism keeps the inking rolls running to avoid drying of ink on such rolls, accomplishing the throw-off of printing cylinder.
  Using a hot-air dryer and a cold-air fan simultaneously, it makes the production speedier. The dryer and fan will shut down automatically when the machine stops, it makes the machine more safe.
  The built-in stops the machine automatically.

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