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Pelletizing Machine
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Products Name: Pelletizing Machine
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Plastic Pelletizing Machine is designed for recycling & pelletizing plastic film, tape and bags. We take reference of Austria technology and made some amendment to meet the special situation of developing counties. The production efficiency of this machine is high and can reach output 88kg/hr. With the continuous filter changing system, the machine can work smoothly and it is easy and low cost to change the filter to meet different raw material. All the rotation parts are sealed to protect the operator.

Material Feeding &Extruder
Mixing the pre-crushed with high speed, the screw which extended to mixing hopper eats the mixed material and conveys to barrel, the material is heated and melted and extruded to the filter device.

Round Piston Filter & Pelletizing Device
The round piston filter contains the housing and 2 pistons, in each piston, there is a hole for material passing and fixing the filter. Each piston can be raised up separately by compressed air and the disc filter can be changed easily. So the machine keeps working continuously when changing the filter.
The blade holder is driven by motor, and the extruded material is cut into pieces by rotating blade. Maximum 4 pc blades can be fixed in holder.

Water Chilling Device
The cooling water is pumped into barrel, and the melting granules are thrown away by centrifugal effect. The spray cooling water cool it down and flow to the water slot and to vibration screen.

Vibration Device & Material Collecting
Water and granules flow to screen, with the vibration movement, water drop down water tank, the granules jump forward to the end of vibrating screen. Blower dry the granules and blow them to storage barrel

Products Infomation:
Pelletizing Machine
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