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Dry laminator
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Products Name: Dry laminator
Products Infomation:

1. 8-motor in closed loop control
2. Dry tunnel length: 8.8M
3. 4-section dancing roller in closed loop control
4. Pneumatic fastening roller is mounting before the rewinding roll
5. Web can be automatically spliced at high speed without stopping laminator
6. Dry tunnel is opened and closed by pneumatic cylinder
7. Unwinder rectifies the transported web by oscillating its bottom
8. Cylinder exerts pressure onto the glue scraper
9. Automatic temperature controller in dry tunnel
10. Explosion-proof illuminator
11. Hot oil circulates between the inside of hot-drum and outside of the hot-drum to transfer laminating-heat
12. Steel roller exerts pressure onto the laminating rubber roller
13. Dual chilling rollers

Products Infomation:
Dry laminator
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Dry Laminator

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