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Plastic sheet extruder
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Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Plastic sheet extruder
Products Infomation:

With the suitable screw design and machine configuration,this kind of products is used in all kinds of plastic sheets(PP?PE?PS?PET?VET?PMMA etc.)
? The extruder:The special designed screw and the advanced temperature control system ensure the good plasticizing,stable extrusion and high output.
? The screen changer and the die:hydraulic screen change ensures the quick course of the exchange the filters.the advanced colthesrack style multi-channel die ensures the plastic flow evenly distributed to everywhere of the lps of the die.The clearance of the lips of die can be adjusted.This ensures the exact thickness of the sheets.
? Roll calender:according to the material properties,There are three styles calenders:horizontal,inclined and vertical.The 3-rollss temperatures are separately controlled and the clearance among three rolls can be free-adjusted.Both ensure the excellent calendering effect,Cooling roll converor,To obtain a gook cooling effect,it adopts suitable cooling rolls and several force blower.
? The online slit unit provides nice edges.
? Cutting machine:The high grade alloy steel sharp blade and the imported bearing ensure good cutting effect and a constantly stable performance.
? The winder:For the four shafts supporting by a torque motor can adjust the tension automatically,it can wind thin sheets even by means of adjusting winding s peed and winding tension.It can set the width of the final sheets with the slit unit.

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