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Plastic wave roof extrusion machine
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Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Anfu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Plastic wave roof extrusion machine
Products Infomation:

? Extruder: adopts conical twin-screw , it is designed specially to for PVC material.
? Screw&barrel: guarantee excellent plasticizing effect for all kinds of formula. The screw is equipped with internal temp. controlling device as well as good cooling system for barrel, this assure precise temp.control for material during processing. Guarantee good quality of product with vacuum degassing device,which can get rid of moisture and waste gas from material.
? Gear box: high torque transmission system,the gear and shaft are made of super alloy steel, which can meet the requirements of high torque,low noice, stable running.
? Barrel cooling: it has good cooling effect with high quality ceramic heater.
? Extruding die: the advanced design of multi-channel assure the plastic flow coming out from the wide dielip, the clearance of die lip can be freely adjustable.
The three-roller calendar: individual transmission control for each roller, the clearance is adjustable.
? Heating unit: it apply preforming treatment to meet forming requirement before coming to second processing.
? Forming unit: its suitable design ensures quick forming, exact size of sheet..
? Haul-off unit: it is of simple two-roller take-up design, clearance can be freely adjusted, it adopts frequncy conversion speed control, which ensures various extrusion speed and stable running.
? Cutting unit: feasible cutting style, the super alloy steel blade ensures quick and smooth cutting.
? Control system: variety of control system available for different customer's requirement. ( such as PLC control)

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